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Nishin Nazar

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"Unlock the Power of Advanced Technical Analysis and Master the Art of Predicting Market Trends with Precision and Confidence!"


The Advanced Technical Analysis course is designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of advanced techniques and tools used in technical analysis. This course goes beyond the basics and explores advanced concepts, strategies, and indicators used by professional traders and analysts to make informed trading decisions.

Key Highlights

Master advanced technical analysis techniques

Learn to identify and analyze complex price patterns

Use our own indicators in trading view for free for life time

Explore our 15mins vacuum strategies with inbuild indicators and trade easily

Discover strategies for risk management and position sizing

What you will learn

Swing Trading

Learn how to pick stocks for Swing Trading that can give 10-20% returns in few days.

Options Buying

Use my 15 mins vacuum strategy and trade options very easily.

Utilizing Fibonacci for Trading

Master advanced charting techniques and tools, including Fibonacci retracements and trend lines. Implement Fibonacci strategies for identifying potential support and resistance levels.

Learn My 10 strategies and trade easily

I have developed 10 unique strategies of my own based on my experience and you can learn this and trade very easily.

Crypto Trading

Learn how to trade in crypto futures.


Live Class

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Live Class


Taking Nishin Nazar's class at Secara Academy was a total game-changer for me. The strategies he teaches actually work in real life. I've applied them to stocks, crypto, forex, and mutual funds, and it's made a huge difference in my confidence as a trader. The classes are interactive, and Nishin is always ready to answer questions. It feels more like a community than just a class. I appreciate the practical approach and the support from both Nishin and the other students.

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What's cool about Nishin's class is the friendly vibe. It's not a boring lecture, Nishin encourages questions, making learning fun and building a supportive community at Secara Academy. For pros like me exploring stock market, Nishin's class is a no-brainer. It's not just learning; it's practical knowledge, connecting with others, and growing together.

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Business Analyst

Embarking on Nishin Nazar's crypto trading course has been an eye-opener for me . Secara Academy isn't just an educational platform; it's a community of like-minded learners. Engaging with Nishin and fellow students has made the learning experience richer and more enjoyable. This dynamic learning space has been instrumental in deepening my understanding of stocks, crypto, forex, and mutual funds.

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Remis U M


The speciality of Mr. Nishin’s teaching is that he emphasizes more on the practical and make sure that all he teaches is practiced well so that the students can put that into action. Moreover, he provides the students with indicators and screeners which he devised after many years of study, research and development. He clearly demonstrates his skill for innovation and problem solving which shows his basic qualities as an engineer. I think I found my real Guru for the stock market.

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Manoj Kumar



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About the creator

About the creator

Nishin Nazar

Nishin Nazar, Proud alumnus of Govt Engineering College Thrissur, India –  believe in merging engineering precision with financial finesse. His academic roots have instilled in him a methodical approach to problem-solving, a skill I apply daily in the dynamic world of trading.

Secara academy is a hub for those who aspire to master the art of trading and investing. The academy equips both beginners and experienced investors with the skills necessary to navigate the markets successfully

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