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Free Webinar On Crypto Trading

10 Dec 2023, 3:30 AM

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Greetings, future financial maestros!

I'm Nishin Nazar, and I'm thrilled to welcome you to a transformative journey into the world of crypto trading through my upcoming webinar.

In this exclusive session, we're diving deep into the strategies, insights, and secrets that have fueled my success. It's not just about charts and numbers; it's about understanding the market's heartbeat. From decoding crypto trends to crafting robust trading plans, we're covering it all.

By the end of this comprehensive webinar, participants will have a holistic understanding of crypto trading, from the foundational concepts to advanced analytical techniques, empowering them to navigate the crypto landscape with confidence and proficiency.

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Here's a little about the man behind the charts:


🎓 Educational Background: Proud alumnus of Government Engineering College Thrissur, India – I believe in merging engineering precision with financial finesse. My academic roots have instilled in me a methodical approach to problem-solving, a skill I apply daily in the dynamic world of trading.


💹 Passionate Trader and Investor: As a full-time trader and seasoned investor, I've weathered the storms and ridden the market highs. My journey is a testament to the power of knowledge, strategy, and resilience in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of stocks, crypto, forex, and mutual funds.


📚 Founder of Secara Academy: Picture a place where financial acumen meets practical wisdom – that's Secara Academy. As the founder, I've curated courses that transcend traditional boundaries. Our academy is a hub for those who aspire to master the art of trading and investing. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned pro, there's always room to grow, and Secara Academy is your launchpad.

What you will learn

Insider Knowledge

Gain insights derived from years of hands-on experience in the financial trenches.

Mastering Crypto Fundamentals

Understand the foundational principles of cryptocurrencies and how they operate in the financial ecosystem. Grasp the key terms, technologies, and concepts that drive the crypto market.

Coin Selection Strategies

Develop a systematic approach to selecting cryptocurrencies for trading. Analyze factors such as market trends, project fundamentals, and risk-reward ratios

Utilizing Fibonacci for Crypto Trading

Understand the Fibonacci retracement tool and its relevance in crypto trading. Implement Fibonacci strategies for identifying potential support and resistance levels.

Staying Informed in a Fast-Moving Market

Explore strategies for staying informed about market trends, news, and developments. Discover reliable resources and tools to keep you ahead of the curve in the crypto space

How to Copy Trade Effectively

Explore the concept of copy trading and its benefits for beginners and experienced traders alike. Identify reputable platforms and strategies for successful copy trading.

Q&A Session

Have burning questions? I've got answers. Engage in a live Q&A and get the clarity you seek


Taking Nishin Nazar's crypto trading class at Secara Academy was a total game-changer for me. The strategies he teaches actually work in real life. I've applied them to stocks, crypto, forex, and mutual funds, and it's made a huge difference in my confidence as a trader. The classes are interactive, and Nishin is always ready to answer questions. It feels more like a community than just a class. I appreciate the practical approach and the support from both Nishin and the other students.

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What's cool about Nishin's class is the friendly vibe. It's not a boring lecture, Nishin encourages questions, making learning fun and building a supportive community at Secara Academy. For pros like me exploring crypto trading, Nishin's class is a no-brainer. It's not just learning; it's practical knowledge, connecting with others, and growing together.

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Business Analyst

The speciality of Mr. Nishin’s teaching is that he emphasizes more on the practical and make sure that all he teaches is practiced well so that the students can put that into action. Moreover, he provides the students with indicators and screeners which he devised after many years of study, research and development. He clearly demonstrates his skill for innovation and problem solving which shows his basic qualities as an engineer. I think I found my real Guru for the stock market.

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Manoj Kumar


Nishin Nazar's course is not just an educational endeavor; it's a holistic experience that goes beyond the charts and numbers. It equips individuals like me, engineers seeking to explore the world of crypto trading, with practical skills and knowledge to thrive in this exciting field. Kudos to Nishin for creating a course that resonates with professionals across diverse backgrounds.

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Akhil Raj

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Embarking on Nishin Nazar's crypto trading course has been an eye-opener for me . Secara Academy isn't just an educational platform; it's a community of like-minded learners. Engaging with Nishin and fellow students has made the learning experience richer and more enjoyable. This dynamic learning space has been instrumental in deepening my understanding of stocks, crypto, forex, and mutual funds.

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Remis U M


I was zero before entry to group.. now I learned a lot of things.. beyond it, a leader is must for everything, share market also no different .. actually I do with indication, now I can proudly say I’m a hero.. I earned knowledge, tips and money too.. thank you very much

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Nishad Nariyanpully kunjimon


Enrolling in Nishin Nazar's crypto trading course at Secara Academy has been a game-changer for someone entrenched in the world of financial analysis like myself. Nishin's in-depth knowledge of crypto markets, combined with his ability to convey complex concepts in a clear and concise manner, has significantly enriched my understanding of crypto trading.

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More about the hosts

I'm Nishin Nazar, Proud alumnus of Govt Engineering College Thrissur, India – I believe in merging engineering precision with financial finesse. My academic roots have instilled in me a methodical approach to problem-solving, a skill I apply daily in the dynamic world of trading.

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Nishin Nazar

Founder : Secara Academy


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